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About Us

Fantastic Floors is owned by local flooring expert Rusty Williams, who is on a mission to elevate homes with high-quality Jacksonville and Orange Park flooring.

“My name is Rusty Williams, and I am the owner of Fantastic Floors, serving the Clay, Duval, and St. John areas including, but not limited, to Jacksonville, Orange Park and St Johns counties. So, if you are looking for someone to work on flooring in Orange park or Jacksonville, Fantastic Floors can be a good choice. Why? I will elaborate on it in a bit.

At Fantastic Floors, my goal is to build a business based on low prices, honest work, and a job done well. There are times when you feel uncomfortable to go with the lowest bid because you are worried about low quality of work. But, we are different as we bring low prices with high quality. Our prices are low because as a company, we maintain low overhead. Apart from that, I buy directly from the mills as all the larger flooring chains do, and I also negotiate my prices. Since Fantastic Floors can bring the store to the clients and offer them the same products as any larger chain for a lesser price, it is a win-win deal for our clients.

The quality is higher because I, as the owner, have my hands on every job. Fantastic Floors provides for my family and has my name attached to it, so every customer is treated with the utmost care. I like to tell customers to give me a chance to earn their business, and since I give true free estimates, it won’t cost them anything. So, next time you need to get done a job on flooring in Orange Park or in any area that we cover, do not hesitate to ask me for a quote.

I would like to thank you for your time, and I look forward to doing business with you. Your opinion matters, so let me know what you think.”




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